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Pick our brains on all things brand and branding
Book your Power Hour call and pick our brains. You'll get advice and guidance on logo design, branding, strategy and all manner of brand and design problems.

Figuring out why something isn't quite working with your brand can be hugely frustrating. It could be one simple thing, or a multitude of areas that need to be fixed.

Until you know exactly what is wrong you will most likely end up wasting a lot of time, effort and money trying to sort it out yourself.

With a Power Hour call, you'll get the chance to speak to Col and get the benefit of his 20+ years of design experience; focused entirely on solving your brand problem.

The topic of the call is completely up to you as long as it is about brand or branding. This is your opportunity to get advice on your logo, your marketing, your brand strategy and so on.

After you book your call, we will send you a form to complete. This will let us know in advance what the Power Hour discussion topic is to be.

Don't worry, it won't be a painful 60 minutes. Think of it more like an informal chat that just happens to be creating solutions for your business at the same time.


Find Your Superpower

Some example problems people have discussed:
• Struggling with brand awareness.
• Unsure about the brand message.
• Logo/branding materials are ineffective.
• Not sure where to start with brand/branding.
• Feedback and advice on existing branding


If you decide to take things forward after the power hour call and invest in our logo design service, the cost of the call will be applied to the service fee.


A focused POWER UP call is a great way to get advice and feedback on any brand related problems.


Martin Huntbach
Owner at

“I build websites and I like to think I'm pretty good, but sometimes I need an extra pair of eyes to take a look at my work before finalising it. Col and his Power Hour is my secret weapon. He has an amazing ability to see things that I cannot. He'll spot the smallest details and tell me how to improve them. He takes my websites from good to great and helps me to design amazing websites for my clients."

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Remember, if you decide to take our logo design service you can apply the full Power Hour fee against it.

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