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The visual memory hook of your brand
Do you want to be excited when you show off your logo? Do you want to feel proud whenever you put out some new branding materials? Hell yeah, you do! Well, you're in luck because we deal in pride and excitement.
You didn't get into business to be ordinary.

We make brands extraordinary!




In this part of the brand design process we look at your brand's core values, vision and mission statements. We will also cover your target audience, competitors and industry sector.

All of the information gathering we do at this stage will be crucial when it comes to rest of the brand identity design process.


We take all of the information we have learned from the discovery sessions and get down to the job of creating logo design concepts. These help to both rule out paths of design and also solidify ideas that are worth exploring visually as a potential logo design.

There will be constant contact with you during this process with the possibility of a few rounds of revisions to tweak the concept designs.


Once the concept is agreed, we will then move on to creating the logo design with finalised colour palette and typography.

It is important that your logo is displayed in a consistent manner across all mediums. We will provide you with a logo guidelines document that details information on colour, fonts, sizes & spacing. You can also choose to have us create a Brand Book which shows examples and guidelines for your branded marketing materials e.g. Brochures, leaflets, adverts, posters, social graphics etc.


You will receive copies of your logo in all of the major file formats and a selection of sizes.

Depending on what has been agreed, we will also create artwork for stationery, brand marketing materials and resources. This may include artwork templates that you can use to create future materials yourself.

We will also assign copyright of the logo over to you upon final payment.

Logo Design Pricing

For logo pricing and a detailed overview of our logo design service and a breakdown of what is involved please download our logo design information pack.

In it you will also find information on our Brand Book service and also pricing examples for the most commony requested branding materials.

Image of pages from the Pixels Ink Logo Info Pack

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