Hey there!

I'm Col, a graphic & brand designer with a passion for branding that is as big as my beard.
I am the owner and head honcho of Pixels Ink in Dundee, Scotland.

With 18 years of commercial design experience under my signature baseball cap, I help my clients to rock their brand. By creating strong visual branding, combined with a solid brand strategy that has personality and vision, I have the ingredients that will make your brand rock!

I have no awards, no book deals, and no corporate sponsors….. but, I do own a great collection of 80’s and 90’s comic books and have been known to DJ rock clubs from time to time. I love gadgets and tech and of course, heavy metal music. I mean, have you looked at my photo?

Stay Creative!

Col Gray

Head Honcho – Pixels Ink


When working on graphic design, I make sure that I provide you with the solution that you need. My graphic design services include essential marketing materials such as business stationery (business cards & letterheads), leaflets, flyers and multi-page brochures. I can also design exhibition materials such as banner stands and posters.


I LOVE logos. This branding element is key for any business and it is vital that it is handled with full care and attention. Your logo should speak to the viewer - show off professionalism, personality and your ethos. You can't do that with an off-the-shelf stock logo. I ensure that any logo that I design matches the client perfectly.

View examples of my logo work


The digital space is changing every day and you need your branding to keep pace. I constantly monitor the latest trends and produce graphics for you that are made to fit the specifications of each platform including Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. These can be cover and profile images or advertisements that promote your service or product.

Consultation & Workshops

Sometimes you don't need design, what you need is to speak to a professional for guidance and insight to help you push your brand forward in the right direction, to make it ROCK! You can speak with me on a 1-to-1 consultation call, or I can speak to your whole team via webinar or in-person workshop. The main thing is that I help you to solve your brand problem. AWESOME!