That problematic second album (or blog post)

That problematic second album (or blog post)

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So, yesterday I only went and blooming’ did it! I popped my blogosphere cherry and put out my very first blog. Hitting that publish button I had this bizarre mix of achievement, fear and of course me being me…..WORRY!

Speak to anyone that knows me well and they will nod their head enthusiastically if you asked them if I had a tendency to worry about stuff. Sometimes I think that worrying is my raison d’Γͺtre.

Over the past 12 months I’ve been doing things to combat the knee jerk fear that slaps me across the face when I can see something coming that I don’t like the thought of. With the help of a combination of fantastic business coaching from Laura Lucas at Inspirential and also some personal development with Dawn Walton of Think It, Change It.

I even started getting fit with a personal trainer! Midlife crisis I hear you all shout. Well, maybes aye and maybes naw πŸ™‚

Back on track!

Anywhoo, suffice to say that things are changing for the better in all areas for me, in business and my personal life. The coaching and development sessions have completely changed how I interact with my clients as I’ve now started to look at the value I offer rather than how much I need to charge. Did I also happen to mention I’ve started to blog? Ah, okay.

Back to the subject of this blog then. After the euphoria of putting up my first post and getting awesome feedback from my peers on social media it struck me…..I need to write another one, but about what? Oh god, they are all waiting, they have said the first one was good, what if the next one is a total stinker……jings crivvens help ma boab!

Should it be about design? I mean that is what I do isn’t it, I design all day and I think about design 24/7. So people expect me to write about that stuff don’t they?

Or maybe they want to know more about me, my personal journey to the point that led up to attending the Content Marketing Academy in Edinburgh.

Or how about something funny, an anecdote or two about the design industry or experiences I’ve had with clients, I just don’t know.

So you know what, I just started writing this blog to see where it took me. I am still trying to find my feet and my voice in blogging so I thought I would let my fingers do the talking and see what they came up with and this would appear to be it. A slight mix of self expression with a dash of self doubt thrown in.

I promise folks, I’m not going to turn into a self obsessed misery blogger (mood hoover), I’m really actually a lot of fun to be around – honest! I want my blogs to be educational, fun and I hope for some inspiring. If I can put out great ideas, helpful advice and some warts and all stories about how I got here I’m hoping to build trust with you, my audience. Unless of course I’m the only one reading this then I’ll just crack on. WOOHOO.

Help me put the needle on the record.

So, this is where you come in my good reader, I need your help to make this the bestest blog ever. To do that, I’m going to need topics to write about so what would you like to know? e.g.

β€’ What’s the difference between a vector and a bitmap?
β€’ What the hell is a vector, and come to think of it, what is a bitmap?!
β€’ I need a logo, is it going to be expensive?
β€’ Do you find networking as terrifying as I do?
β€’ Can you help me destroy reality TV programmes?
β€’ What’s for dinner?

Seriously though, I want to follow Marcus Sheridan‘s philosophy of THEY ASK, YOU ANSWER. I’d obviously prefer it if the questions were related to my industry of Graphic Design but other topic areas will keep the blog interesting and hopefully not akin to counting the bumps on a wall covered in wood chip paper. Then again, that might be something that you like to do………

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