Case Studies

We deliver more than just artwork
When we create new branding for our clients, they receive is more than artwork & strategy. These brand design case studies highlight how much more working with Pixels Ink can bring, including newfound confidence and a renewed energy and passion for your brand.
Pamela Laird from Fin & Co

Carnoustie based hair salon Fin & Co. thought they needed a website. They thought a website was the most important next step in growing their business. But, as soon as I met Pam Laird, the salon owner, it became apparent that a new website wasn’t the priority. What Fin & Co. needed was a brand that reflected their personality. A brand that could act as a driver for change. One that Pam, her team and clients could get right behind.

Cara Mackay from Gillies & Mackay

Gillies & Mackay had no brand. They had no sense of identity. Before they could start the process of marketing the business, they first of all needed a hook to hang everything on. Cara Mackay, Director of the family run business knew that they needed a brand that the entire family could be proud of. Cara is used to rolling up her sleeves and doing anything that needs to be done. But this was a stretch.


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